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Prayer is the way that we converse with God. From praises to concerns, He desires to hear what’s on our hearts. And, He wants us to pray both individually and together as we bring everything to Him. At TLCC we have many opportunities for prayer.

Woman with Bible

Prayer Center

The Prayer Center, located at the West Orange campus, was established to offer a set-apart place, time, and purpose. It’s designed to facilitate and promote an atmosphere/attitude of prayer. The Prayer Center is open Daily from 6am-10pm

Praying Hands

Tuesday Intercessory Prayer

We invite you to be part of the TLCC Tuesday intercessory prayer.  It is led by our Intercessory Prayer Life team at TLCC.

Pray every Tuesday night 7:30pm-9:00pm – In the Prayer Center. 


For Remote Access:

Call in at +1 (425) 436-6200

Access code: 478583

Holding Hands

Pastoral Care

Our team of Connect Pastors are here to provide you with pastoral care that serves you well by checking in on you, helping your take your next steps and answering any questions you may have.



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