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For 31 years The Life Christian Church has been integral in serving the greater community and global landscape. Here at TLCC, our mission is to “inspire people to the life God dreams for them as we spread His love in ever- widening circles.”  We strongly believe in reflecting God’s excellence in every detail through integrity, inspiration, initiative, intelligence, and insistence.  We are wholly devoted followers of Jesus Christ, who are continually growing in our lives with God and the ongoing development of our Christian character.  We are ultimately committed to hospitable leadership and warming the hearts of all staff, guests, and volunteers in order to lead them to good and beautiful things. 



Are you looking for a new ministry career opportunity? Even if we don't have any open roles or ones that fit your skillset at the moment, we would still love to hear from you. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team in the future. Submit your resume today and we will keep it on file for when the right time arises. 

Open Roles

At TLCC, we are hospitable and enthusiastic about inspiring people to the life God dreams for them as we spread His love in ever-widening circles. We invite you to come work with amazing people who are passionate about a job well done.


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