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We are a student ministry for youth in grades 7-12. Our mission is to LEAD students to their maximum God-dreamed life. LEAD stands for Love God, Experience Life Together, Apply Your Gifts, and Discover Your Story. If you’re a student in these grades, we can’t wait to meet you and get you plugged in. 

No registration needed, just show up! 

Dates: Wednesdays | Times: 7-8:30P | Location: 747 Northfield Ave, West Orange (Main Lobby)

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winter camp

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The HUME winter camp is a 4-day sleepaway event focused on a deeper exploration of faith through messages, worship, and small group discussions. It's packed with team-building activities such as laser tag, broom hockey, and sledding.


Purpose: The camp's mission aligns with Christian values, aiming to facilitate spiritual growth in children. This includes activities centered around bible study, prayer, and worship sessions.


Capacity: With 25 camper spots and 8 leaders attending, we ensure ample safety and supervision. This is in addition to the camp's own professional staff. Reserve your spot today!

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What to expect

Each week we gather from all over the city to grow in our faith with God, learn from a Biblical teaching, have fun and spend time together.  Each Wednesday we alternate between whole group activity and small groups, where students can engage in discussion with one another around Christian worldview and Biblical topics. 

youth events

 Redline hosts special events for youth that are great for inviting new friends, growing in your faith with God, having fun and spending time together. Some events we host include worship nights, community dinners, lock-ins and sleep-away camps.

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We want to empower youth to use their gifts by serving at youth. Redline has teams like our production and creative team, worship band, welcome crew, snack bar and more. To learn more about what team is best for you click below. 

Leadership team

Redline wouldn't exist without our incredible team of volunteers. If you are 18 and older and passionate about coming alongside and supporting youth on their faith journeys with God, and you like having fun ;) inquire below. We'd love to connect with you! 

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parent resources

Explore resources curated for parents to grow in topics around faith, family culture, mental health and sexuality.

Meet our youth pastor

Alex Soto is a husband to Andrea, and a father of twin boys, River & Forrest. Originally from the Bronx, NY, Alex has ten years of combined experience with youth and families in both ministry and education.  Alex was a Dean of Students and Family Affairs at Harlem Village Academy before accepting his call to full time ministry as a Youth Pastor. Alex loves movies and graphic design. 

Have any more questions about Redline? Visit our FAQ page or email our Youth Pastor, Alex Soto.

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