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Develop personally, professionally & spiritually.

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The internship program at TLCC is designed to help you gain valuable ministry experience and knowledge. To help you connect with others in ministry, help you find and refine your calling and spread God’s love in ever widening circles.


  • Make personal connections and build peer group relationships with other interns.

  • Have a personal coach who is specifically devoted to pouring wisdom into your life and building you up throughout the entire internship.

  • Develop alongside some of the best leaders in ministry and work in a team environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

  • Take part in learning and developmental opportunities including book discussions and staff training.

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Natalie - KPort Intern

My internship experience in KPort was incredibly impactful. Being a part of the team nurtured lifelong connections in a supportive environment where I could learn and grow. Interning allowed me to see the potency of children's ministry, making my time at TLCC unforgettable and deepening my love for working with children.


Jason - Pastoral Team Intern

By interning at TLCC, I was able to learn about a new dimension of church that I had never seen before. They helped prepare me for future ministry work by encouraging me to do as much as possible in my time there.



What are the requirments?

You need to be a committed Christian and at least 18 years old. There are also auditions required for the Worship Team.

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